Colon Cancer Symptoms In Women

Colon Cancer Symptoms In Women

Colon Cancer Symptoms in Women

Colon cancer symptoms in women are likelier to manifest as the woman grows older.

As in any other form of cancer, early detection is the key to proper management and treatment of colon cancer. In women, it is more common for those aged 50 years and above. About 90% of all cases are seen in this age group although it is still possible for younger ones to develop colon cancer. For the high-risk age group, screening is recommended.

Colon Cancer Symptoms In Women – What To Be Aware Of

  • Rectal Bleeding – This may be the most significant of colon cancer symptoms in women as far as early detection is concerned. Even in the early stages, a woman afflicted with the cancer experiences rectal bleeding.
  • Bowel Movement Changes – This is a common symptom that can be confused with other minor health issues. A woman with colon cancer may experience diarrhea and constipation. There may also be inconsistencies in the actual bowel movements. Colon cancer patients usually have thinner than normal stool. Although changes in bowel movements should not automatically be a cause for alarm, persistence of the symptom for more than two weeks at a time may require medical attention.
  • Other Digestive Issues – Other colon cancer-related digestive issues may be manifested. Continuous gassing and bloating may happen usually due to a blockage that the cancer creates on the large intestine. Stomach cramping can also occur especially during visits to the toilet; vomiting and nausea may also be present.
  • Weight Loss – Sudden weight loss is a common symptom associated with many types of cancer. As the cancer grows, it will require more energy to fuel it. As a result, the body is forced to burn more calories. Even when the diet remains the same, there will still be constant weight loss.
  • Fatigue – A woman with colon cancer will experience fatigue more often. This is because of the increasing amount of calories the body needs to burn regularly. Likewise, the loss of blood from rectal bleeding can also cause fatigue.

Though some of the above symptoms of colon cancer in women can mimic those of other diseases, it is important to not ignore them, and talk with a doctor.